Our Mission

Our purpose is to create a safe and joyful environment for our friends, family, community and surrounding communities. Over the years we have had great pleasure in providing a stress free and fun get-away place for equine activities in our area.

We believe everyone deserves to have a place to work with their horses, whether it be for training, showing for points, or just having fun. This is “Loving The Dream” – any horse person will tell you . We are here to provide what many people only dream of and memories that will carry on for many years.

Our History

Mansfield Saddle Club has been an active arena for the community since the mid 1950’s. We have many people who have come and gone and all have shared a little piece of their own equine knowledge and passed it on to others. We understand the importance of keeping a recreational area open for anybody to come and enjoy and learn as they go.

What We Offer

We have an annual Coggins & Canine Rabies Clinic every spring – usually during the month of March / April. We host monthly series each year – Fun Show Series & a speed event buckle series. Members of the club are allowed to use the arena anytime they’d like from sunrise to sunset. Members also receive discount entry fees in our Fun Show Series. Everyone – member or not – is welcome to attend our monthly meetings to offer their ideas.


We welcome you to join our club and please come on down and join the fun for 2016.